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Kay (Parker) Trimm and Johnny Smith met for lunch this week while she was in Las Vegas. They had not seen each other since high school 50 years ago.

Wow 50 years is a long time.

Marta with Poms

Marta Santillano and Poms

Johnny Visit
March 26, 2012 - Johnny Valles was in town for a visit.
Johnny, David, Jack, Don and Lanny at Jaxon's.

Dana and Jimmy McClosky

JR Spurlin, Marilyn (Lutener) Braithwaite, and Thorny Young

Barn Party


At Bobby Salcedo's Barn Party 2009

Left to right around the table:

"Ozzie" Davis, Bobby Salcedo, David Mena,
Mike Caldarella, Eddie Page, and Lanny Ruck

Bobbie and David

Bobby Salcedo and David Mena meeting for lunch at Jaxson's on one of Bobby's visits to El Paso

Art and Don

Art Davis and Don Powell at the "Chile Pepper" bike ride in El Paso - Sept.2011

LodoloLiving in Las Vegas, Johnny gets alot of drop-in guests! John Lodolo with Johnny.

HerreraLynn Herrera paid a visit.


PowellDon Powell had a nice visit with Johnny


Bob and Don

Bob and Sue Naudin - Don and Bobbie Powell
Beach House Restarant - Cardiff by the Sea, CA Sept 22, 2010

Meeting for lunch - Great American
Ray Rivera, Jack Johnston, David Mena and Don Powell


A recent mini Burges class 1963 reunion in Dallas. Kay (Parker) Trimm from Reno, Nevada; Janulee A. (Russell) Shirvis from Ocala, Florida and Karen (Margerum) Hutcherson from Highland Village, Texas met in Dallas for lunch. Nice to see our classmates looking so good!