Tony Alexander Martha Allen
Rene "Phillis" Averett
Dwight Aylesworth

Maggie Armendariz
Judy Beckerman
Jane Branscombe
Bill Brooks
Hollynn Bryson
Janet Corbett
Art Davis
Mary Lou Diaz
Dale Doan
Carol Dyer
Les Fenter
Tim Gahan
Tom Gorski
Bob Heald
Ellen Heath

Don Powell
Randy Rawls
Ramon Rivera
Lanny Ruck
Jan Russell
Bobby Salcedo
Gloria Saldana
Fred Scott

Johnny Smith 
James "JR" Spurlin

Tim Stanley
Steve Stoker
Johnny Stong
John Valles
Mike Vasil
Toni Wintroub
"Micky" Winset

Victor Hermosillo
Lynn Herrera
Charla Hester
Nancy Hilt
Peggy Homan
Floyd Johnson
Jack Johnston
Mary Lane
Bob McGeorge
David Mena
Robert "Bob" Naudin
Zita Naudin
Jan Neugebauer
Ed Page

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